About Us

Mission Statement:

The overall mission of Integma Therapy is to work on providing quality care to all members in the community and to help enhance functional abilities as well as physical health.


The goal is for Integma Therapy to have a successful and healthy company that is known for being a leader when it comes to quality patient care while maintaining loyal support from the community.


Our objective at Integma Therapy is to provide nothing but quality services and achieving complete patient satisfaction, resulting in repeat patronage and generation of quality recommendations on new referrals.

Business Philosophy:

Integma Therapy takes pride in a working philosophy that is based upon patient-centered care, working to treat each patient with the utmost care, integrity, truth and honesty. Integma works to distinguish itself through individualized and skilled care while in an environment that is inviting. With quality care and education for each patient regarding health issues and the overall healing process, Integma Therapy offers home exercise programs, continual healing and improvement of fitness over time.