Are Your Office Cleaning Products Safe?

Most offices are cluttered with commercial cleaning products, disinfectants, polishes, scourers, and sprays. People purchase these products to make sure every surface of their office is clean. They want to keep their Image result for cleaners that post the least amount of dangeremployee safe from germs and bacteria that can accumulate in an unclean environment.

While many people have trained themselves to look at the labels for every piece of food they put in their mouths,  Building Maintenance Ocean County based company warned most don’t take a peek at the labels on their cleaning products. If they did, they would probably be shocked.

The labels on many common office cleaning products are filled with warnings and cautions. Most are poisonous if ingested and require that you ventilate the room when using the product.

According to the U.S.Poison Control Center cleaning products are responsible for at least 10 percent of their toxic exposure calls. Many of these calls involved children. That’s why it’s important to understand that while cleaning products are effective at cleaning your office, they are not completely safe.

In order to make a cleaning product safe, you must read the label carefully to ensure you are using the product correctly. Do you need to ventilate the area while using the product? Do you need to wipe the product up completely? Is the product intended to use in food preparation areas? This questions can help you avoid a situation where you inadvertently by your family in danger while cleaning a room.

Your next step is to purchase cleaners that post the least amount of danger. By looking on the label you can Image result for cleaners that post the least amount of dangerdetermine how dangerous a product can be. Some products are irritants if they get on your skin, while others can cause severe burns. If you use corrosive drain cleaners or acidic cleaners, make sure to use and dispose of them properly.

The best way to avoid worrying out the toxicity of your cleaning products is to buy products that are natural. In nyc area I found a lot of safe products and most of cleaning companies use non-toxic materials and cleaning supplies. Although natural products should not be ingested, most are non-toxic. However, even with these products you should read the label to note any warnings that may be listed. In this case, it may be warnings for people who have sensitivities to some natural ingredients.

Of course, you could always make your own products. By purchasing simple ingredients you can produce your own cleaning products. Some people don’t find them as effective in all types of heavy cleaning, however, most homemade cleaning products can handle the cleaning of normal household dirt and grime.

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